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I have worked as a handyman full and part-time for 20 years. I've probably made all the mistakes that somebody could make but I did learn about running a handyman business. I am happy to pass on what I've learned to help you be successful.
I started in the handyman business simply because I needed to make some extra cash to make ends meet. It was actually at the suggestion of a friend. I didn't know if I could really do it. Yes, I could do a decent job of fixing things. I could do all the things needed to maintain a house. But, doing it for somebody else and charging them money was a little bit daunting at first.
I thought I did not have the resources to start a business, but I did. It took virtually no money to get going.
I quickly realized that I had to treat it as a business, not just as a hobby or something to do on the side. Before too long I had as much work as I wanted and a whole customer base that kept coming back. I kept learning how to do more things and how to better run the business.
I worte the book to help you get moving and to help you avoid some of the pitfalls I ran into. I wish you success.
Best regards,
John Magerowski

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